Emine Kuşcul

After studying Graphic Design (Design Printing and Publishing) at Mithat Paşa Vocational High School for Girls Graphic Design Department, I worked as a Graphic Designer and Brand Representative in various advertising agencies for many years.

I met with Woodblock Printing on the occasion of my dear sister Elif Kuşcul, Ceramic Artist, and since then I have been continuing to learn and teach our traditional art, which is about to disappear, in order to reach more people. My teaching life, which I started in Kadıköy Public Education in 2015, continues at Beylerbeyi Maturation Institute as of 2017.


If you want to come to the workshop, the address description is as follows;

By public transport; The easiest way to come from Kadıköy is the Kadıköy-Beykoz yellow minibuses. When you get on the minibuses, you will get off at Anadolu Hisarı Shell Petrol Station.

If you want to come from Kadıköy with IETT, 15 F Kadıköy Beykoz; If you are coming from Üsküdar or Beylerbeyi (with Metrobus transfer), you need to take any bus to Beykoz and get off at Marmara University Anadolu Hisarı Campus stop.

When you enter the street where the Shell Gas station is located, the station is on your right; If you click on "Emine Kuşcul Atölyesi" in the locations I share on Instagram and say "Open on Map" and "directions", it will bring you up.